ALLURA SILK PILLOWCASE is an amazing addition to your hair and skincare routine.

Silk is known to help reduce tangles in hair, keeping it nice and soft.


To keep it lovely;​

• hand wash in 30°C or less

• machine wash in 30°C or less in a delicates wash bag

• dry clean

• air dry

• do not bleach

• do not dry in dryer ​


Normally, silk is to be hand washed or dry cleaned only, but because our Allura Silk Pillowcase has a momme (density) of 22, it is of a higher quality, which allows them to be machine washed.

They do still need some extra love and care though. ​

Always use a ph neutral liquid detergent. Silk is a natural fibre and washing in a solution that’s too acidic can cause the silk to harden. If you can't find a detergent that specifies ph level then just go for one that specifies silk.

Do not use bleach products. ​

Another important factor is water temperature. Even just slightly above 30 degrees celcius can change silk dramatically. The safest method if your machine doesn't specify exact heat settings is either cold or just one level above cold. ​


A delicates bag is definitely recommended when washing, to keep your pillowcase safe. Hand washing is the ultimate method though and will help to get the longest life out of your pillowcase.

100% Mulberry Silk Pillowcase

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